European Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management (EPIEM) is a growing European-wide network, connecting researchers and professors at European universities within the academic IEM field. The goal of EPIEM is to initiate and to foster collaboration between IEM academics across Europe to enhance the field of IEM.

EPIEM cares about Research and Teaching

Ideally, an “EPIEMer” conducts research to become a great and inspiring teacher for “ESTIEMers” in order to help them to start a successful career in academia and/or industry. EPIEMers believe that a person who conducts research, is “able to think in an analytical way within complex correlations and environments“. Consequently, as this person thinks complex issues efficiently and effectively through to the end, he or she is competent e. g. to teach at Higher Education Institutions, to complete a PhD and/or to manage an (industrial/technology) firm successfully.

EPIEM goes back to a initial meeting that took place at the University of Cambridge 2010 following an invitation of Prof. Jim Platts and the ESTIEM students addressed to IEM professors all over Europe. Since then, EPIEM Conferences, Meetings and Research Design Seminars are held annually, and usually are aligned with the dates of European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM) meetings and conferences.