EPIEM Conferences & Meetings

In recent years EPIEM conferences have brought together a group of Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management from across Europe, which have been promoting the sharing, building and debating about IEM education, the profession, research and projects.

  • Sharing: Presenting and discussing details about the experience of IEM education at our universities, by means of short presentations and exchange of ideas.
  • Building: Advancing in the development of joint tools, projects and knowledge about IEM education and profession (e.g. editorial projects such as the special issue in scientific journals, joint EU project applications)
  • Debating: Identifying challenges and opportunities for the advancement of IEM education (e.g. addressing student mobility issues, analysing IEM curricula in order to identify a “common ground in Europe in IEM education”).

Here you can find further information about previous and upcoming EPIEM Conferences, Meetings & Workshops.

EPIEM Research Design Seminars & Workshops

There is a wide range of topics of EPIEM Research Design Seminars – from philosophy of science to manufacturing technology.

  • Idea & Topics: The idea to establish Research Design Seminars goes back to a collaborative idea of ESTIEM and EPIEM and aims at the students’ development of a research strategy and a research plan as well as the identification and application of an appropriate research methodology within the IEM field. This includes e.g. the development and improvement of relevant research questions, selecting a rigorous methodology and structuring research projects.
  • Target Group: IEM students (on a master or a PhD Level) and academics from social sciences as well as IEM practitioners with a concrete plan to conduct publishable research are very welcome to participate at or to organize a future EPIEM Research Design Seminar.

Below you can find further information about upcoming and previous EPIEM Research Design Seminars and Workshops.

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