EPIEM Conference Spring 2014

Date: 22.05.2014- 24.05.2014

Venue: Graz, Austria

Further Information:

The EPIEM Conference 2014 was organised by Graz University of Technology and focused on the following key topics:

  • IEM education in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • Comparison of IEM skills requirements
  • Common IEM projects on European level

Parallel to the 50th Anniversary of the WING, which was a founding member of ESTIEM (WING Homepage), the annual EPIEM conference organized by Professor Bauer and Associate Professor Bernd M. Zunk was taking place at the Institute of Business Economics and Industrial Sociology at Graz University of Technology (TUG) from Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th of May 2014.

IEM-Motto at Graz University of Technology
“We at the IEM Institutes do not teach to get the best researchers. We conduct research to become the best teachers for our students, helping them to start a successful career in industry!”

Why do we at TUG think that way?
Because a person who conducts research, is “able to think“. Consequently, as this person thinks complex issues through to the end, he or she is competent to teach and to manage a firm.

In view of the IEM-Motto we had set the following preliminary topics to be discussed at the EPIEM Conference 2014:

  • New ideas should be explored to form a European Community of IEMs that will be able to master the challenges of the European future.
  • Professors and Students get room for discussion to develop new ideas on how to improve IEM teaching and research to “melt together” on a European level.


Thursday 22nd of May 2014

  • Get Together
  • EPIEM / ESTIEM Annual Conference
  • Lectures on specific topics

Friday 23rd of May 2014

  • EPIEM / ESTIEM Annual Conference
  • Dinner

Saturday 24th of May 2014

  • Exploration of the “Roots of the Austrian IEM“ in Graz

Additional Information:

Please find below the speeches of Jim Platts (University of Cambridge) and Gerald Jonker (University of Groningen) at the EPIEM Pre-Conference Meeting in Graz.