15th November 2020
Call for Paper for the Annual CultMedia Conference Chemnitz 2021 on “Distance Learning – Learning at a Distance: (Media) Technology, Politics and Individual Environments in Current Learning Processes”. For details please click HERE.

26th September 2020
News from the IEM network in Austria: Position paper on Techno-Economics in Austria” available.

26th May 2020
EPIEM network publication 2020: “Students’ Perception of the European Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management (EPIEM) Network”, in Acta Marisiensis. Seria Technologica, Vol. 17 (1), pp. 40-46 (https://doi.org/10.2478/amset-2020-0008)

18th January 2020
EPIEM Research Project Update: TU Graz is a member of the consortium of the ERASMUS+ Research Project “PERISCOPE” (Purchasing Education Research with an Innovative Sustainability Scope). Details you may find HERE.